Florence Lake 2
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About This Project

The development proposes to construct a 6 Storey residential building on top of 1 level of partially exposed parkade, 7

storeys total.

82 residential units.

92 residential parking stalls on parkade, 11 surface parking. 103 parking stalls in total.

82 secured bicycle stalls and 6 bicycle racks

The 82- residential units building will provide 1, 1+den,2 and 2+den rental suites.


The proposed development has been designed considering the Official Community Plan.


This building sits in a special lot surrounded by streets, making it feel like an island in relation to the surrounding context, this lot configuration helped to create a new zone with higher density and 7 storeys in a context that one side has single family and on the other has commercial with higher density. Therefore, this project acts as a transition point for this change of zone and density.


We considered this transition in the design by implementing various elements that could help brake the mass, alternate sloped and flat roofs, we also created a solid base that helps the building to adapt to the street slope.


The building acts as a barrier between high density and lower density buildings by placing it close to the property line in the area that is facing the main street towards the higher density area. and on the opposite side the building stays away as possible from the property line to give space between the building and the single-family homes, creating a visual buffer but also reducing the shadows casted from our building towards the single family homes.


The existing terrain grades conditions dictated the location of the building on the site, considering building siting and massing following the natural topography as much as possible to minimize the use of retaining walls and blend with the site contour lines.


The building has a mass variation and individuality feeling concept, that goes together with the proposed materials and colors, this architectural expression is exposed to the different frontage