Tyndall Village
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Commercial, Residential
About This Project

Developed in collaboration with EBA.

This project deserves recognition because of the unusual combination of uses in a low rise, low density suburban community – namely commercial under residential. These uses should be combined in other communities to make neighborhoods more walkable and attractive.

The building form is unique in that each of the four townhouses is expressed as distinct from their neighbor and each unit is made up of a series of volumes that are articulated by plane and material.

The project, known as San Juan and Tyndall, is a 4 unit townhouse set above commercial space on a corner in a suburban community. It’s challenge was to create a “place” for the community on this corner with a contemporary form that reflected essential elements of the surrounding residential community. The development was the subject of a rezoning and was completed in the Fall of 2012.

The key design determinant was the corner site at a busy neighborhood intersection – it was important to create a” neighborhood place ‘ for both the residential and commercial components . The contemporary form had to mirror some elements of the residential character surrounding but break down the scale of what was a larger mass in a 2 storey residential community . The diversity of the neighborhood had to be captured in the complexity of the form and its unique appearance from both streets.

Green Initiatives

The building utilizes a geo-thermal heating/cooling system.
and roof design slopes was based on storm water retention plan.