View Royal TH
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About This Project

Developed in collaboration with EBA.

This is a 23 unit townhouse proposal in View Royal just west of the municipal hall on the Old Island Highway. An important aspect of this project is to develop a vibrant street scape by facing the front doors and outdoor living areas directly on the street. The character of the building reflects the client’s vision to have a more contemporary flavor- one of the first in View Royal.

The typical unit concept is to have the living and bedroom levels on levels two and three with a garage and a basement room on the ground floor. The site plan hinges facing eight townhouses onto the Old Island Highway with a central entry into a richly paved courtyard leading to an open green space at the rear of the site. Two blocks of four units are organized as two sets of two units back to back creating a square form. Interestingly this square form creates reciprocal square open spaces- in this case a square courtyard and park space .Normally rows of units create long strips of open space . The square form of the 4 unit building adds interest and contrast to the scale and feel of the townhouse.